Confessions of a Resident Assistant

Anonymous said: I've talked to other Resident Assistants in regards to my issue, but I as a RA when off campus was at a dance and had a mask on. A resident of mine realized who I was and I ended up dispersing into the crowd. She found me and grabbed me and had me dance with her. Except she started doing inappropriate dancing and I let it continue and I feel awful. What is your opinion. I understand the past cannot be changed.

Honestly the fact that you know that it wasn’t necessarily something appropriate and you recognize that it could compromise your RA position already means that you’re a really good RA who cares about their residents, but I wouldn’t beat yourself up about it.  I know RA’s who sleep with their residents, do drugs with their residents, and get their underage residents drunk.  All you did was go to a party (off campus, where you aren’t held to your RA responsibilities anyway), and had someone dance with you.  I really don’t think you did anything wrong.

I would recommend talking to resident (if you’re comfortable) and letting her know that you weren’t ok with her behavior and that you really value your job.  But remember that this was off campus and therefore anything that happens there will not be held against you, even by a Residence Life Department, because they only tell you to how you do your job on campus.

You seem like a responsible, respectful and dedicated RA, and that will shine through in your job performance as a whole.  Focus on continuing that, and don’t beat yourself up about one mistake.  And feel free to always message me if you need to vent or you’re upset about anything.  Sometimes it’s nice to have someone objective to talk to about situations you face.

Ella <3

A question….

Why the hell do I have 49 people following me, and 44 of them are blogs about dogs that all seem to be the exact same thing? I’m very confused.  Also I think this is a conspiracy.  That is all. 

Rock you like a Hurricane

Yup.  We were hit by the hurricane.  Not that much, just the edges of it, but it was still crazy.  We had a mini power outage and some minor pot smoking incidences.  I will probably put up some videos that I made of the storm later in the week.  

This morning around 2 am my girls woke me up because the shower was broken.  It literally would not turn off.  After a about 30 minutes of trying to fix it, I gave up and called public safety.  They took care of it around 3:30 am.  I’m now exhausted from being up all night.  

In other news, I have the hospital phone again tonight.  This is my last night with it of the semester.  I am hoping and praying it does not go off.  I need sleep.  Even though we’ve had two days off of school, I still have lots of work to do and this weekend I’m going to Florida.  My boyfriend’s brother is getting married, so I decided to take next Monday off of school so I could be there in Florida for the ceremony.  I haven’t packed or anything, so the next two days are going to be full of packing and homework as I try to get ready for this weekend.  I haven’t even had a chance to get exciting about the wedding I’ve been so busy.

I haven’t been posting much because of a family emergency that has been going on recently.  I’ve spent the last couple of weekends at home because of it, and it’s consumed most of my life.  The insanity will die down in a couple of weeks.  I hope.  

I promise I’ll keep posting!

Sex in the Shower

Yup.  I had to break up shower sex this week.  A resident came to my door and told me that she was uncomfortable with this couple having sex there and the bathroom is technically all girls.  So I went in there and yup, a freshman and her senior boyfriend were *insert your favorite sex euphemism .  I waited for them to finish (the horrible slapping noise….ugh *shiver*).  Then when she pulled back the curtain I was standing there.  She said she didn’t know, which may be true, but her senior boyfriend should have known.  Anyway, I didn’t write them up, but I told them to get out and never let me catch them again.  Also I think the girl is going to use a different bathroom from now on.  I figured getting caught by an RA is bad enough, I don’t need to write a report. 

I’m a little off today since my best friend since kindergarten called and told me she was getting married and asked me to be the maid of honor.  The wedding is in two years, which means we’ll be 21.  I just….I don’t know what to say.  I told her I would be the maid of honor, since I know she wants me to and she has for a long time.  But I’m still just in shock about the whole thing.  And you know what that best part is?  She’s been with him for FIVE MONTHS.  TOTAL.  I’ve been with my boyfriend for two years and we’re not ready for marriage yet.  Ugh.


Guys…What’s the protocol for a used condom on the floor in the hallway?

This lovely quote is from Patricia.  We were having a staff meeting when her resident to the door.  The resident looked upset so Patricia walked out of the office with her.  A few minutes later she came back in and explained that there was a used condom outside of her residents door.  We all just stared at her.  Then Doug got up from his seat and handed her the first aide kit without a word.  She gets MAJOR kudos for taking care of that nasty job.

In other (happy) news, my hall program was nominated for program of the week!  This was very exciting.  I got second place, which was really exciting , being a first time RA and everything.  First place went to RA’s in another part of campus where we have townhouses, because they created a treehouse and it was this huge program.  They deserve to win, but I’m really proud of my second place.  

I will now return to hours and hours of genetics homework.  Yay being a bio major.


And the Crazy Stuff Continues…

Since I’m on duty tonight, I figured I would make a post.  Especially since it’s better then actually doing homework.  

First, this weekend was my first alcohol related activity.  Without telling you all the dirty details, I found two residents in my hall throwing up, due to an excessive amount of vodka.  It was kind of scary, honestly.  We had to call public safety and the residents were written up.  My resident kept begging me “No, don’t call them, I promise I won’t do it again…”.  I could only respond with “Oh sweetie, I know you’ll never do it again, but I have to do this for your own safety.”  Thankfully, instead of being mad, she said we should hang out more, and she thanked me for being there for her. It was really sweet, and I’m glad I did the right thing even though it sucked.  

On Sunday, we were all chilling in the office when the office phone rang, which it never does, and Doug answered it.  It was a Dad calling to say he couldn’t find his daughter.  She had left for school that morning but hadn’t called or answered her phone all day.  Doug, however, didn’t tell us what was going on after he hung up the phone, he just pulled out the protocol binder and flipped it to the section on a missing student without a word.  Lee kept asking and asking until he finally told us what was going on.  Patricia, another RA in our building, called the resident with my phone, and asked the girl to please call her Dad.  Crises averted, but we were all freaking out for a couple of minutes.  

Finally, my hall program is tomorrow!  Since the girls chose Juno as the movie they wanted to watch together, I decided to go with the “safe sex” theme and stocked up on free condoms from the health center, as well as information from planned parenthood and other birth control related pamphlets and stuff they might want.  Some of the girls have mentioned wanting to have better access to birth control and condoms, so I figured this is a great time to promote some safe sex!

That’s it for right now, but I’ll post photos/updates about the hall program tomorrow.


I walked into the RA office today and found a condom and a lollipop on the table.  It wasn’t there last night.  I’m still confused…..

Thought I could avoid getting the illness going around campus…hahahahahahahahahaha nope.

Today (after sleeping through Organic Chemistry), I went to get my allergy shot in the health center.  I wasn’t feeling too great, running nose and generally run down, but I figured I was fine.  The nurse there, however, decided to take my temperature to make sure I wasn’t sick before my shots.  Turns out I have a fever of 100.3, so I got sent back to my room.  Bleh.  Now I’m in bed after a long nap, while Ann (my best friend/another RA in the building next to me) gets me food.  She’s so nice.  Also she’s the only person I know who had the same thing I do.

In other news, one of the RA’s in my building (I know who it is, but I’m not going to write it down) has a resident that went to an RA in Ann’s building to talk about this RA from my building in question (wow that’s a complicated sentence).  Anyway, the resident was upset that the RA was never in their room, and the resident was now feeling the need to take the responsibilities of the RA, which is not fair.  I’ve actually had to enforce the rules in this hall as well, and had to shut down a party there once (2 am on a Wednesday.  I could not have been more pissed about it).  When the resident mentioned this, the Associate Dean of Students was in the room, and she runs res life.  Now I don’t know what is going to happen with the RA in my building.  I agree that this person is never in the building and really should own up to responsibilities, but still.  This could end their job, and that’s not fair.  Anyway, we’ll see what happens.  

I’m going back to sleep now…..

When an RA walks into the room&#8230;..

When an RA walks into the room…..

Update on my (res) life

Res Life has been pretty crazy this last couple of days.  Elise’s boyfriend of over a year broke up with her.  It’s made everything a little awkward.  We’re also worried about her since she was really committed to this guy and this breakup came without warning.  She even went home last night because of it.  I feel so bad for her.  I’m also wondering what will happen to hamsters, who live with him now.  

We’re doing these interviews called B.A.S.E interviews.  We have a set of questions to ask our residents about and the data gets sent to residence life.  None of my residents have been very excited about it.  I’ve done 7 out of about 24, which is a little discouraging.  I really want to get them done, but the residents haven’t been very excited about it.  Although in the one interview I did last night, the girl asked me and Lee (who was on duty in the office), if the RA’s got Chipotle every time we write something up.  I don’t know how that rumor started, but if it was true, SO many more people would be written up.  Like every day.   

Finally, I finally have my first hall program figured out!  It’s going to be a Girl’s Popcorn and Movie night!  I asked the residents to vote on the movie that they wanted.  I have Juno, Julie and Julia, Mean Girls or Little Miss Sunshine.  So far, Juno is winning, since the whole quad voted for it.  By Friday I’ll know which movie we will be watching, and the program will be Wednesday Night, the 26th.  I will definitely try to post some pictures!  

Thanks to everyone who is following my blog :) I’ve check out all of your blogs and I love some of the ideas and posts you have.  Stay awesome everyone!

Ella <3